Just Swap EBook will help you accomplish your dream of having a healthy slimarrow-10x10.png body.

This book will show you how to savearrow-10x10.png calories for every kind of food that you can imagine:

McDonalds, KFC, Baja fresh , Starbucks, Chinese, Japanese, pizza, burgers, pasta, and much much more.

you will be losing tons of weight without even trying

This book also contains a super fast weight lossarrow-10x10.png MEAL PLAN (lose up to 20 pounds a month) FOR YOU ACCORDING TO YOUR LIFESTYLE.


The Story Behind This Book
I was checking the BMI of people in one of the biggest supermarkets in Dubai. One child approached and asked me, “Aunty can you tell me whatto eat? I want to lose weight. My friends always laugh at me.” At that moment, I felt like a knife went into my heart. I asked the child to call his mom. He tried to call her, but she was busyshopping. She didn’t seem interested at all.I gave the child some simple tips to remember: breakfast ideas, lunch box meals, and healthy snack options. Then, after some time, he came to me with a bottle of juice in his hand, and he said, “Hey Aunty, this is the brand of juice you told me about, and it’s sugar free. I read the labels as you taught me.” That was very touching … from that day I decided to write a book that offers simple ways to lose weight and maintain a good shape .

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Praise and Reviews

By Ariana michelle the owner of AMB famous online magazine

-So I’ve been realizing, it’s that time of the year where I need to lose weightarrow-10x10.png, eat better and get back into shape. To begin this process I decided get the ebook Just Swaparrow-10x10.png. Just swaparrow-10x10.png is the perfect guide to start my weight loss process. Just Swaparrow-10x10.png helps losing weightarrow-10x10.png easier by helping make small changes, like food swappingarrow-10x10.png. It tells me the foods with the least amount of calories to lead me on the right path to weight lossarrow-10x10.png.

By Cynthia , the creator of the famous The Joys health & wellness programarrow-10x10.png

-Wissal  is a knowledgeable, and experienced writer. Our communication was easy and fast. I would definitely workarrow-10x10.png with her again AND recommend her to others! Thank you so much!

Author Interviews

Wissal Wissal
 Wissal is an expert in weight loss and healthy living. As a nutritionist, she has been helping people lose weight and maintain a healthy body by creating appropriate meal plan More...