How To Make Your School Life A Success: ( Study Skills, Successful Study techniques, Realistic Study Timetable, Study tools , Study tips to improve your grades, How to Study)

Do you desire to know proven and tested principles that will improve your grades? 
Do you desire this semester to be a successful one, without unnecessary stresses? 
Do you desire to have a social life and also be academically successful at the same time? 

If your answer is yes, then this book contains the information that you need to make it a reality. The core purpose of this book is to equip students with the right tools that can be used in their everyday life to attain academic success. You can have a balanced, quality life - time for social fun and time to focus on school. After purchasing this book you will also have access to a 24 hour study centre where you can directly email any questions. Remember, you are a smart individual with the potential to do exceedingly well at school. Your success is our priority!


Trecell Richads
Trecell Richards is presently a student at Okanagan College, where she is pursuing her Bachelor Degree in Computer Information System. She enjoys writing, socializing, reading, bui More...