Memoirs of an ordinary guy, Not Rich, Not Famous, Just Truths
Publisher : Completely Novel


The Story Behind This Book
This book is a story of an Ordinary Guy, he's not rich and he's not famous but he still has some humoures tales to tell of his life growing from boy to man in the UK during the 70's, 80's and 90's. It allows your to follow his journey though life with some fun times and tough times, share in his adventures and meet the characters he encountered.

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Praise and Reviews
By Rosa Teoli on 17 April 2015
This book grabbed my attention from the first paragraph, I wanted to keep reading . Mel has been very open and honest in his storytelling, emotional in parts and extremely funny. I highly recommend this book, a very good read. I look forward to his next book.
By SHELAGH COWLAM on 21 April 2015
This book took me back to my takes you back to those carefree days when you could go out on your bike with a packed lunch of jam sandwiches waving goodbye to your mum and not arrive back home until early evening totally shattered..but happy and not a care in the world..knowing that your parents were not afraid to let you out of there sight.
It made me feel warm and nostalegic....Well done.


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Mel Smith
Memoirs of an Ordinary Guy Not Rich, not Famous, Just Truths By Mel R J Smith He was born in the sixties, grew up in the seventies, became a man in the eighties and threw everythi More...