His Perfect One
Publisher : Trafford Publishing

His Perfect One is about the love of one man, that has been suppressed deep down inside for quite some time.

Will his perfect one be just what he needs to bring it out what he's been denying the women he deems unworthy?

Devin is a Master to women, lover of the female form, until the one closest to him leaves.

In search of the epitome of that love, fate allows him cross paths with Aria, who is also in search of love.

Together their love is perfection.

The Story Behind This Book
What started out as a short story about some of my experiences with "experimenting" became this extended 'movie' about how those experiences would play out if I could change my real outcomes.


J.S. Danielle
J.S. Danielle is a poet, writer and singer.  Growing up in the South, she established her love of poetry early on.  J.S. can be described as an eclectic writer, music lover and j More...
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