With your destiny facing you, you have a part to play in reaching it. According to His Purpose teaches you how to develop a divine relationship with God through a changed way of thinking. It is important to activate the communication line between us and the Holy Spirit. Use the power and intelligence that come through this connection to gain the knowledge about His Purpose for our lives. According to His Purpose raises and answers the question, “How can you be happy when you do not know your purpose?”  It highlights and confirms that for many people, busyness hinders you from seeking the Holy Spirit to define your purpose.  Shut out the outside voices and turn on the voice of your spirit to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying. Learn how to make Godly decisions and live a life of purpose by listening to the Holy Spirit!


Dr. Jacqueline Horton-Cobbin Dr. Jacqueline Horton-Cobbin
Dr. Jacqueline Horton-Cobbin has a unique way of reaching her audience by coining phrases called “Cobbinisms”.  These phrases are “You are always on stage.&n More...