How to be a happy believer: In times of hardship, trusting God is the key to freedom

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claudine lahaie
I love to write, to read and most of all, to live life to the fullest! I finally decided, i was going to start writing seriously, not too long ago. So far, it has been a pleasure. What i wish for, is to get some reviews from those of you, who are professionals. I would really appreciate it More...



In today's world, being confronted with many trials and tribulations, it becomes difficult to keep happy thoughts, but this book will show you that there is always hope. Sometimes it comes unexpected and sometimes it just comes at the right time, which might not be “your” right time. Patience is key. And hope. Without hope and faith, life is a lot more difficult but with basic principles of positive thinking and prayers, you can become a living testimony of perseverance and courage. God will show you the way. You just need to let go. Let go of the control and let Him guide you. You just need to start at the beginning. Introduce yourself to Him. He will do the rest.