Dynamic Astrology: Using Planetary Cycles to Make Personal and Career Choices
Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company
This book is for those who want to move beyond a static interpretation of their natal chart to an understanding of how planetary cycles affect such things as one's career, finances, and opportunities. In an easy-to-use format, John Townley discusses the principles of dynamic astrology and shows how the cycles of the planets and important degrees in your chart play a continuing role in your life. 

Topics covered include diurnal, monthly, and yearly cycles; the Mars energy cycle; the Jupiter productivity and opportunity cycle; the Saturn career cycle; the wild-card cycles of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto; and the daily movements of important degrees as they cross the ascendant and culminate at the midheaven. He explains how to analyze and synthesize all of the cycles to learn about the progress of your career; how to know who your friends and "enemies" are; and when the best times are for such things as job interviews and asking for a raise. 

New, revised edition (former title: Astrological Life Cycles). 

Presents a new approach to the foundation of astrology and discusses how planetary cycles can be understood through systems theory. 

Praise and Reviews
"With admirable clarity, intelligence, and wit, Townley describes each of the major cycles and shows how to apply them to your own situation. The result is a book which easily qualifies as one of the better astrological career guides ever to see print."

Dell Horoscope

"So much of astrology nowadays is geared toward personal growth, love, and spiritual awareness, and precious little is devoted to the practical application of astrology to our everyday lives, and especially our careers. Townley's work breaks the mold of its solid advice and techniques to becoming more successful in the competitive professional world."

Chris Lorenz, Dell Magazines

John Townley
John Townley is an astrologer, writer, recording artist, sound studio designer, and computer software designer. His other books include The Composite Chart, Astrological Cycles and More...
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