Natural Healing: Bundle: Book 1: Chakras for Beginners + Book 2: Kundalini Yoga (natural healing, energy healing)

The fact that we are living in a fast paced modern world, it is therefore true that we are exposing ourselves to unlimited chemicals and pollution that greatly damaged our health. This just makes it necessary for everyone to try starting putting efforts towards achieving balance of our inner selves in order to counteract the negativities brought about by the modern society. This book shows us how to attain inner balance/health that will reflect to our outer selves. Like most people, Chakra and Kundalini yoga are new to me but this book was able to provide an elaborate explanation on what these terms are and how can we utilize it for our health improvement. The jargon used are also very well explained which makes it understandable for simple people. This book is worth keeping because the practices that it teaches (Chakra and Kundalini Yoga) are essential keys in achieving a more peaceful life and better health condition