Blood Of The Wolf (Volume 1)
Publisher : Amazon

Superman and a Werewolf walk into a bar. They have a few drinks and decide to go back to the fortress of solitude. Nine months later the lead character of this story is born...OK so that's not really how this story goes but it got your attention didn't it. Michael is the last of his kind on Earth. A genetically engineered guardian of the planet. He was created by a race of wolf like aliens, the ancestors of the werewolves of today. Only todays werewolves were never supposed to be this bloodthirsty. They are the result of a curse placed upon Michael's creators as a distraction during wartime. The only catch is Michael doesn't know. He just thinks he's a normal highschool student. Aside form those damn apocalyptic visions he can't seem to shake.


Jeremy Hanson
I am a SciFi/ Fantasy and Current Events writer from Portland, OR. I'm a husband and a father to a beautiful little girl. I have had a passion for writing, music, and photography a More...