Non-Local Flow: Good Chi, the Sea and Me

This full-color biography/travelogue contains the poetry, prose and paintings of Tanya Kimberly Orme, a young adventurer who shunned a conventional lifestyle and traveled the globe by modest means on a journey of self-discovery. Her desire to "some day write a story about my travels" never came to fruition due to her sudden, tragic death. This book is an anthology, compiled from her many travel journals and paintings. Tanya Orme was a spiritually evolved, creative young woman who not only reached unconventional goals by the age of 24, but also left an unforgettable impact on those who were fortunate enough to cross her path.


Mary Ellis
My background is in copywriting and public relations. I published my first book, "Non-Local Flow: Good Chi, The Sea and Me," an anthology that showcases the artistic flai More...