Paradoxical II: Prophecies & Premonitions, continues the exploration of the unknown. In a three book series, Paradoxical I: Angels & Apparitions, introduces the strange beings and creatures that inhabit the outer realms and dimensions...that are connected to our world. Now portals have opened, and these apparitions have come into our domain. Have they come to deliver messages, or have they come for a more sinister reason. A group of physicists, scientists, paranormal investigators, and people of different faiths and beliefs, have united to find a way to stop the veils between worlds from lifting...before ours collides with others. A young Romanian Catholic girl has been called as a prophet, and an angel guides her in her vocation. The angel appears in visions, to guide her as she delivers God's word to the world. A Navajo woman, who has the gift of healing, and the tribes medicine man, try to reach the other side by mystic rituals to invoke their spiritual animal guides. A Voodoo priest is called by the lesser Gods of the Bondye...the Creator, and finds that he must draw all people together to discover how to stop the doors from opening. Three men have come back through the portal, one from nearly one hundred years in the past, and one who disappeared fifteen years earlier from a fishing vessel. In their time in limbo, they have not aged, or slept, and time is distorted. A man from four hundred years in the future escapes into our domain, and at first it seems as though our future is secure and wonderful. However the more he reveals, the Association for the Scientific Research of Phenomena, the ASRP is convinced that these strange occurrences happening all around the globe, might be for them to find a way to change the future. Come on a spiritual, mystic, and scientific exploration of the unknown, as these people try to find the reason for the gateways that are opening, and the psychic phenomenon of the astral planes, dimensions, and other worlds...that are intruding into ours.


Victoria Roberts Siczak
If you love mystery and suspense mixed in with a little paranormal phenomena...then listen to this weird story.  Yes...I'm a wife. mother, grandmother, and author of thrillers and More...