Steel - The Story of Pittsburgh's Iron And steel Industry 1852 - 1902

Steel - The Story of Pittsburgh's Iron And steel Industry 1852 - 1902
Publisher : Create Space

Steel portrays the growth of Pittsburgh's iron and steel industry in the last half of the 19th century. This fast-paced saga tells the tale of millionaire titans Andrew Carnegie, Henry Clay Frick,  Ben Franklin Jones, and Henry Phipps, - strong-willed men who might plot and scheme against each other - yet united against their underpaid and under-appreciated  immigrant workforce. The juxtaposition of the haves versus the have-nots exploded into bloody labor battles.

The Story Behind This Book
"Steel" paints 19th-century Pittsburgh, its steelworkers, and their colorful bosses with a lively paintbrush. It portrays the juxtaposition of slums with mansions, poor versus rich, smokey city streets and fiery mills against the lushness and refinement of the Duquesne Club. It tells a story of a city, an age, and an unique group of contradictory tyrant/philanthropists, men like Andrew Carnegie, Henry Clay Frick, and Ben Franklin Jones.

Praise and Reviews

"A useful addition to the shelves of Averican Industrial history and a valuable guide to both primary and secondary sources, as well as a vivid depiction of the 19th century's most ambitious, contradictory tycoons. Thoroughly researched and revealing." Kirkus Indie Review

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