Sun Tzu The Technology of War

Is another translation of Sun Tzu really needed? Yes, it is. What kind of translation would this be, then? It would be one which the reader did not have to guess at the meaning of what Sun Tzu said. In other words, it would be a translation which was not inscrutable in part or in whole but completely understandable. It would not be a translation which made the reader feel as though he or she did not have the ability to grasp Sun Tzu's ideas. It would not be a translation which made the reader wonder if he or she was applying it correctly. Rather, it would be a translation one could understand and use readily. Sun Tzu The Technology of War is the book which finally allows Sun Tzu to be fully understood and correctly applied. It is doubtful that any English translation of Sun Tzu is based upon more years of research than Sun Tzu: The Technology of War. Ten years went into the research and translation of this book. Each character was meticulously investigated. Warfare of Sun Tzu's era and earlier eras were researched based upon what Sun Tzu mentions of the skill of warriors of ancient times in order to understand what Sun Tzu had observed of warfare and then codified into his laws, rules and methods of war. This is not another translation based upon someone else's translation. This translation has no other source than the wisdom of Sun Tzu.


Colin Thorne