Have you ever been in public with your kids and they say something so embarrassing and so loud that you just wish the ground would swallow you up? If you've ever witnessed this happening to someone else and had a giggle (behind your hands) then you will love this ebook which is full of instances just like this.

Laugh Out Loud! Kids is the third in the Laugh Out Loud series of funny moments from real family Life. This book focuses on the hilarious things kids say and do from their first words onwards and is split up into the following sections:

Mixing up words and misunderstandings
Embarrassing comments and actions
Kids know best
Telling tales and getting Parents in trouble
Cheeky but funny comments and attitude
Observations and understanding of a child
Cute and random comments and actions
Inquisitive kids and questions
Dishonesty and deviousness
Kids comments on a new baby on the way
Kids comments on new baby when they arrive

All the experiences in this ebook are from real people, they are not made up, they have actually happened, and have been shared for others to enjoy. This book hopes to make you giggle, maybe even laugh out loud!

Sharon Irish
I am a self published Author of an eBook series called 'Laugh Out Loud' which is a collection of true life funny moments taken from family life. I have been a keen fiction writer  More...
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