Disciples Indeed Workbook: Witnessing for Jesus Through Story (Volume 1)
Publisher : scrollchest.com

Jesus’ gift to you is your story. He gave it to you to boast about. He asked you to influence others. The Disciples Indeed Workbook will empower you to become a willing witness for Jesus by guiding you through the process of writing your testimony like a story. You will find peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, as you serve Christ in a way that is pleasing to Him. “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” By following five, simple steps to recreate an episode from your walk with God in a lively, engaging way, you will discover and utilize the gifts that are already within you to bless others. This enjoyable journey of self-discovery will leave you confident that you have something to say and that you know how to say it. Your faith story can change the world. The Disciples Indeed Workbook is Book 1 in the Disciples Indeed Series of guides to evangelizing.

The Story Behind This Book
I started teaching people how to write and share an episode from their walk with Jesus in Atlantic Canada in 2012. The reaction was phenomenal - people loved it. I had to take the process out to the wider world to help as many people as possible benefit from gaining the confidence to share their testimonies in a powerful way.

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