If Only Slugs Were Edible: Building a House and Garden in the French Pyrenees

Maybe attempting your very first self-build with a minuscule budget, no mains electricity, telephone, or even an address, using a load of second-hand and repaired machinery, whilst trying to feed yourselves from a plot of land totally devoid of soil was a touch bonkers. Maybe. Oh, and in a foreign language, too.
This is the story of one couple and their first year in France, building their own house and developing a garden in the Pyrénées; a year in which they constructed walls, took down walls, put walls back up again, optimistically planted dead hedges, suffered floods (inside and out), droughts and storms, plus an earthquake or two, and smiled in response to a lot of very strange looks from their new neighbours.
As slugs, flea beetles, deer and yet more slugs thwarted every attempt to grow vegetables, they ate more maggots than is perhaps normal, more slugs than they would have liked and tried to convince friends and family that this really was the good life.
Meanwhile, they waited and waited and waited to be connected up to the electricity grid.


Louise Warman
Louise Warman was born in London in the late sixties, but raised in suburban Berkshire. Careers as an archaeologist, chef, bookshop manager and occasional ski instructor have been  More...
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