The Perfect Sales Pro: 10 Key Concepts To Master The Art Of Sales
Publisher : Dan Blaze

The Perfect Sales Pro is a summary introduction to The Master Sales Manual. The Perfect Sales Pro provides an introduction to the 10 areas of knowledge necessary to becoming a great sales professional: Self-Development, Consumer Psychology, Communication, Self-Marketing, Prospecting, Presentations, Sales, Persuasion, Relationships, and Business Development.


The Story Behind This Book
The Perfect Sales Pro is a summary of The Master Sales Manual. 7 years of research and writing went into writing the Master Sales Manual (to be released 2015) to provide salespeople an in depth look at all of the crucial skills needed to be The Perfect Sales Pro. At the time of writing, such a book did not exist that covered these ten crucial skill sets all in one book.


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Dan Blaze
Dan Blaze was born is the small town of Port Dover, Ontario in Canada.  After spending 8 years as a farm-worker, and then in manufacturing, Dan entered the field of sales at the a More...
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