Romancing a Werelion Husband
Publisher : America Star Books

Violet Carmen, the sole care giver to her mother, has just been dealt an unlucky blow. After her mother's funeral, she finds out that her greedy sister has inherited the majority of her mother's estate. Unemployed and homeless, she finds a wanted ad for a secretary position to a Mr. Drake Fairfax. Yet, this new job opportunity is not at all what it seems. Violet is soon thrown into a surprise arranged marriage to a man that she barely knows, and who has a deadly secret. As the romancing and passionate nights between them progress, the shadows of the nights consumes her, and she is soon left trying to tame this wild beast that conquers every inch of her.


The Story Behind This Book
A paranormal romance told in the first person...


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Julienne Holmes
I'm an emerging writer, who has not yet reached author status.