The Wired Necktie and Other Suspicious or Less Suspicious Stories

Collection of short stories with reluctant ghosts and druids, BDSM victims, world's end and FGM survivors, suspicious dwarves and stupid imps and gargoyles in the Grimm tradition, and imaginary humans. They are twelve in number, plus two tales, one poem, and we should not forget about the three haikus either. The author used many quotations to colour her book, these are to slap old texts in the face, or simply to recommend them. She was reading them during the writing process. Besides, a very cheap way of adding another layer of meaning :D. The stories are connected. Sometimes you will have this I-think-this-reminds-me-of-that-story feeling. The book has been purposefully built into a BIG CONUNDRUM. You do not need to solve it to understand the stories, the author only wished to have another headache :D
The author intended the stories to be thought-provoking, educational and elliptic. Hopefully, she could do this, and will add something special to your day.