Eradicating the Seeds of Anger in the Prison Population: A Independent Learning Workbook for the (Doc) Department of Corrections Inmate Population. Po

This Anger Management is a program structured around teaching inmates helpful coping strategies to better handle stressful situations while incarcerated. Though learning skills to reduce rage is vital, the primary focus of this anger management program is to encourage inmates to take preventive measures in their daily lives to reduce the likelihood of conflicting occurrences. This allows inmates to improve their chances in conflict resolution. In actuality, the program should be called Rage Management. Anger is normal and can be beneficial if it's understood and used appropriately. Anger is an emotional feeling, and can help guide the inmates to understand themselves, their emotions, and as a result, make better judgments of situations. This book is chock full of effective and practical strategies for managing anger. It is helpful for anyone who wishes to control their anger, and negative thinking, and to learn to see their true value and self-worth. This workbook is designed to increase resilience and decrease anxiety. It is a must for all in community-based and in-custody programs. Once the reader discovers the seeds of their anger, they will learn how to manage and eradicate it. This book is designed with a holistic approach to ending anger, and generate insight into a person's belief system. This workbook contains sound principles, practical applications, and a reasonable timeframe for real change to occur. Once the participant completes this workbook they will have traveled on a purposeful journey that can result in a future of mastering the anger in his or her life.


michael gray
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