New London Writers Second Anthology: Writing From Around The World (New London Writers Anthology Book 2)

New London Writers Anthology is produced by an independent literary agency based in London, UK. This unique series showcases fresh and original work from skilled writers worldwide.
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Inside this issue:

Four novel excerpts and one long short story. The combined material deals with subjects as varied as the London underworld, corporate corruption in Dubai, and feminist frustrations in Pakistan. The anthology takes us on a global journey from London to Vegas to Pakistan to Dubai and back again.

Story titles:

The Red Lion by Mikey Flynn
Let's Talk by Shmavon Azatyan
The Girl Who Wants Out by Nic Penrake
The Friendly Desert by Diane van der Westhuizen
The Silence of the Slaves by Noor S Tauqeer


Diane Van der Westhuizen
I jumped off the office job hamster wheel and started doing what I should've done yeeeeaaars ago - writing! It sure as heck doesn't pay the bills (turns out the world wasn't gaggi More...