Marjorie Norval: The Girl a Railway Station Swallowed
Publisher : Seagle Crime Stories

This is the first in the Seagle Bookettes series. It is the story of a woman who vanished without trace from Brisbane's Central Station in November 1938. Before her disappearance, she set up an elaborate series of deceptions that has made it impossible for anyone to establish her fate. But this fresh analysis of her known and possible movements on that day suggests that a plot to cover up knowledge about  her disappearance was planned at high police and political levels. It highlights suspicions that efforts were made deliberately to suppress important evidence at an inquest that unsuccessfully investigated her undoubted death at the hands of an abortionist, and that vital evidence never heard by a court still exists. A proper examination of this evidence today might yet solve the Marjorie Norval mystery.



Ken Blanch
Born in Sydney, Australia. Began my 53-year-career as a journalist in Grafton, NSW, and moved to Brisbane, Qld, in 1949 after finishing my cadetship on the Daily Telegraph in Sydne More...