Leave the Ranks of the Superstitious and Cowardly: Dating tips from the Dark Knight

Mysterious. Gallant. Unavailable. Manly and sensitive when necessary, always on mission and never distracted. In control at all times, yet always in the background, avoiding the spotlight. The topic of everyone’s conversation (friend and foe), yet nearly unknown by all. Hated or loved by any woman he meets; forever on their radar in any case. Is this some dashing Casanova from a Harlequin novel? Hardly. It is the Dark Knight™. The Detective. The Caped Crusader™. The Batman™. Never mind a crash-test dummy. We can learn a lot about dating from a man who dresses up like a bat. This brief book discusses the lessons we can learn as men about dating from none other than the world’s most ineligible/eligible bachelor: Bruce Wayne™, also known as…well, you know.


Marlone Finley
My name, is Marlon Douglas Finley. I am a Polymath.

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