"The living", they say, "are dead people on holiday". Stephen Jackson's Dead People on Holiday is a ten-year testimony to one man's living death, concluding in acceptance and the chance of a kind of rebirth. The poetry here pulls apart the melancholy of encroaching age and irredeemable failure, with a candour which for most of us has to be kept stifled, silent, perhaps barely even thought. Yet this is a book to surmount despair. If these are life's ashes, from them a phoenix can rise. "Tight and life-affirming," this poetry has been called; with a richness comparable to John Donne's.

The book is also profusely illustrated with the author's own digital imagery, acclaimed as "stunning" and "hauntingly beautiful".


Stephen Jackson
Stephen Jackson was trained in Psychology, Logic and Metaphysics at St Andrews - only later as a lecturer and artist. Yet writing has been his passion and his escape since about t More...
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