On Parson's Creek
Publisher : Saille Tales Books

A new teenager in a small, Oregon logging town, Jack Taylor's bored with school and living in his own head. Walking in the forest, he finds dark mysteries in an old-growth cedar grove near his new home. The story handed down several generations doesn't tell the tale completely, nor do tales of lurking giants in the trees, an Indian curse, or the abandoned locomotive deep in the woods. As he asks questions of his teachers and local families, he finds himself pushed more and more into a corner from which there is only one way out. With the reluctant help of a local historian, his Physics teacher, a school friend and an ancient logger almost as old as the trees, he begins to put the clues together. The story unravels a community conspiring to hide the entire truth from the world. But, is that wrong? Maybe the world doesn't need to know.

The Story Behind This Book
I was a new kid almost every single year I was in school, so getting used to a new school, new friends and especially a new community was something I took in stride. Yet each time, there were small odd things that stayed with me. Our short time on Parson's Creek Road was full of odd little moments, some of which made their way into this book, rewritten to carry the story of a deep mystery, carefully hidden by a small town.


Richard Sutton
Former ski mechanic, tree planter, sailboat rigger and adman/designer turned Indian Trader. Originally from San Rafael, CA, Sutton has made his home in NY and in NM for the past 40 More...