ABOUT Isabel Pietri

Isabel Pietri
Isabel Pietri was born and raised in New York City. The lower east side of Manhattan to be exact. She graduated from Theodore Roosevelt High School in the Bronx and attended the Liberal Arts College at Fordham University. She worked in the labor movement her entire adult life working her w More...


NYPD surveillance expert, Detective Millie Angeles knows well that scintillating things can transpire under the cover of dark. Some of them happen to be quite pleasurable. Others, however, are nothing short of deadly. LOVE in the DARK lifts the cloak of darkness on one woman’s action-packed life, revealing high action and erotic encounters that are certain to enthrall and excite anyone who loves their intrigue served with plenty of sauce.

                In the sordid, shimmering streets of New York City, Millie has made a name for herself working in the elite TARU unit of the New York Police Department as the go-to girl for surveillance and tracking. However, when tragedy occurs, she finds herself casting about for a new chapter. That all falls into place when she lands a job at a private company, which dispatches her to the West Coast to work for Adrian Zaragosa, a blind, and strikingly handsome owner of a winery estate in the Napa Valley. As the plot thickens and their passion sparks, Millie finds herself in the throes of both extreme danger and overpowering desire. Millie’s talents seem to be just what Adrian needs. Or is he simply manipulating a situation to have her near?

                Blood-pumping and heart-racing, LOVE in the DARK will leave readers wanting more, and perhaps even begging for it. It’s Fifty Shades of Grey and the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo commingling into one irresistible read.

I started to write a story and it was going well. Then one early morning, as if in a dream, Millie and Adrian entered my life. I liked the drama that played out in my head and I loved them. I stopped the work that had been in progress to write LOVE in the DARK.

“A cop gets more than she bargained for when she agrees to be the director of security for a mysterious business man in this debut thriller.” – Kirkus

“Mystery and erotica meld together to build a tense narrative led by a no-nonsense female cop. Plots and subplots that feature aspects of colorful characters, mystery and sex.” – Clarion Review