Have you ever wondered: *"Has God forgotten about me?" *"Does He really care what happens to me?" *"Is that Him speaking to me?" *"Why am I going through this?" You're not alone! Phenomenal newcomer, Meosha McAfee, has asked herself those same questions and many more; and, her answers are here in her engaging first edition, "Raw & Naked, BUT GOD!" Through personal stories of neglect, abuse, homelessness, endurance, and triumph, Meosha puts her life on display. She exposes her soul in hopes of encouraging those who are as disheartened as she once was. "Raw & Naked, BUT GOD!" is the story of a champion, who refuses to give up...on herself or on her God. So, if you need help overcoming both external and internal obstacles, let Meosha's compelling story be the blueprint to your victory!


Meosha McAfee
I am the author of the book titled Raw & Naked, BUT GOD! More books are in the making! It is my heart’s desire to reach the people who are in need of a breakthrough! We as a More...