Surf Guns of Morocco: Escaping the Guns of Morocco (weird travel and survival adventures of the Stuman Book 1)

These are my true European and Moroccan surf and survival stories. It begins with us being attacked by Moroccans with AK47s. We could only survive if we could get out of there in our van under a hail of bullet fire. When we took the ferry over to Spain we thought we were safe but we were mistaken for terrorist and almost shot by the infamous Guardia Civil of Spain. If that wasn't enough for us we somehow ended up floating our van across a flooded river during a flash flood thunderstorm from hell. Of course we had a good time traveling and surfing and meeting loads of cool people in-between our almost fatal encounters. All this happens in our desperate attempt to get back to France where we would be safe. We still have to get past the 'Coast of Death' in northern Spain. The odds were stacked against us that's for sure.


The Stuman
I used to write  animation scripts in California.  Now I live in Europe, surfing in all the wrong places and trying hard not to be killed.I used to write  animation scripts in C More...