Amnesie, a short story
Publisher : Vanilla Heart Publishing

Short Story (3200 words) by L.E. Harvey

What happens to love when life changes? Two women in love, one debilitating change...


The Story Behind This Book
Amnesie is the story of Elfie and Maryanne. Two women who have been dedicated to each other for years. But what happens when life changes? What happens when love changes? The story begins in the mundane chore of washing laundry, which is where the inspiration came from.

Praise and Reviews

"...that was wonderful! I loved it. I rarely read stories that deal with relationships between two women, but this was beautiful. The drama, the mysteriousness.... it was awesome! I truly enjoyed it! A fantastic read!" - Laura Badmone

A 2012 P & E Poll Nominee - Ranked 6th overall in the Short Story Romance category!


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