The Mechanic (Loving Her Book 3)
Publisher : Vanilla Heart Publishing

Linda - her name means beautiful... After facing rejection from her parents because she is a lesbian, Linda didn’t feel beautiful... she felt lost and alone.

As a skilled mechanic, Linda built her business... Her love life was a different matter. Until Katie...

They survived the brutal beatings they received at the hands of Katie’s ultra-religious father. Together they survived, and together would face their future, and find hope and a joy neither expected.

20,600 word long short story


The Story Behind This Book
After I saw the girl who inspired Katie, Linda became the dream woman- that heroine for Katie - a woman of the highest caliber. She is great, but she's also human. She has depth and faults just like us all.


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Lauren Shiro
Formerly L. E. Harvey, Lauren married her partner on June 2, 2012. She and her publisher, Vanilla Heart Publishing, are releasing all of her books under her new married name, and r More...
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