Best friends Suki Takano and Luvyna Alvys reunite with gal-pal Habiba Amunet, the maternal leader of their pack, after several years apart and they all decide to live together, peacefully, in the city of Black Starlight. But their peace is shattered as the past comes back to haunt the girls in the form of evil, pious extremists Billy Madison, his son John and some clergy friends of theirs, all of whom want to take over, forcing the girls to face many hardships, before the path of destiny opens up for them. Spooky, mystical and sometimes controversial, Beloved: The Birth is a story that will take you for a ride!


George Hallman
Minister George L. Hallman, HKt.B was born in Chicago, IL. and spent his childhood telling fantastic tales with an ethereal twist, as most of Minister Hallman's stories are derived More...