Escape To Sex: From The Author Of SexLife

The year is 2270. Our world is a utopia filled with peace there is no war, suffering or disease. But if you do not have sex five times a day, you will die. People cannot feel the pleasure of sex and our emotions are murky muddles of confusion.

Joe and Vella had the first recorded real sex experience in 150 years, filled with explosive sensation. They changed the world but doomed their lives. After several deaths and a desperate run for freedom, they were apprehended and imprisoned for life, sentenced to be sexual experiments forever.

They are now incarcerated in a secret research facility with their son, who is simply called The Baby.

In Escape To Sex, Joe and Vella make a daring escape and are on the run from the police, Joe’s genius ex-friend and a Global Police Detective named Randall Clickteen, who is legally dead.

The couple run with the precious child and find an underworld filled with danger, delights and wonders no man has ever imagined.

Joe must break back into New York to save his life, his child and perhaps the world. And along the way, he makes a discovery that challenges the very concept of sex itself.

Escape To Sex is the long awaited sequel to his first novel, SexLife.


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