Cooking for Emotional Wellness: Recipes to Nourish Your Archetypes

What foods evoke Innocence for you? What foods fortify your Warrior or comfort your Wounded Child? This innovative recipe book provides guidance for how to nourish 10 archetypes with cooking all-time favorites like chocolate cream pie and mashed potatoes, as well as new classic pasta salads, pizzas, and soups. Over 75 recipes provide guidance for how to feed the Lover, the Explorer, the Wounded Child, the Artist, and more. Cooking for Emotional Wellness also offers ideas for how to integrate more gluten free recipes into favorite foods including cookies, cakes, and quiches.


Kiersten Marek
I am a clinical social worker and writer living in Cranston, RI. I have a private practice where I work with people of all ages providing individual and family therapy.
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