After witnessing her parents’ abduction when she was 13, Regan turns to the one person she could always count on, her Grandmother. Gram teaches Regan what it takes to be strong, independent, and that you should always trust your instincts. Now, seven years later, Regan’s life seems to be back on track. She is a college student, dating Samuel, and has the most amazing, but unexpected, best friend, Jackpot.

After a year of dating and questioning her instincts, Regan makes the decision that it's time to be on her own. Samuel doesn't take this news well and is determined to keep her at his side. He finally reveals that she is the key to his ruling in a world that Regan never knew existed. With Sam's revelation and unwillingness to let go, Regan turns to her Gram for support, but a family secret has her questioning if there is anyone left in her life that she can trust.

Jake never planned on falling in love, but that was before he met the girl he has sworn to protect. He will protect her with every power he has, but can he avoid having his heart broken in the process.


Erin Manbeck
I was born and raised in New Jersey (USA), but have found myself a new, calmer life in Florida. With a B.S in Criminology from FSU, and a military deployment behind me, I'm now wor More...
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