Jeff Laurent teaches night school at a downtown Seattle alternative high school—and he is dying from leukemia. While he knows he’s dying, he doesn’t know that somebody wants his soul after he dies.

Can he beat death before it turns him into a monster?

It all begins with a chance encounter at a local bar. Jeff meets a beautiful man called “Ogre,” who looks like a cross between an angel and a demon: beautiful and powerful, but dark and sinister. He looks to Jeff like the combination of Archangel Michael, and Lucifer.

Ogre uses Jeff’s attraction to his advantage, and poisons Jeff. Now that poison is working its way through Jeff’s body, taking over, creating evil out of what was once compassion, destroying Jeff in ways the leukemia never could.

However, Ogre’s poison has an unplanned effect. Ogre’s victims, those whose lives have already been taken, are turning to Jeff for help, who somehow has the power to guide them away from their tortured existence.

What happens when a vampire crosses the line into shamanism? Is this even possible?


Ben Tousey
According to the Oracle of the Bacon, Ben Tousey is 4 degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon. Ben's book, "Acting Your Dreams" was reviewed by psychiatrist, Dr. Richard V More...
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