ABOUT Nikisha Mock

Nikisha Mock
Author Nikisha Mock was born and raised in Thomasville, North Carolina and has had a passion for writing ever since the age of 8. Beginning with short stories and then poems, Nikisha says she knew from the start that writing was her first love. In high school Nikisha submitted poems to the More...


The novel Love Me or Leave Me Alone is a tale of 3 young females just trying to make it in a world where finding true love is like finding a needle in a haystack yet all women seek the same things. Written as the voice of the main character Eva, she’s able to lead us straight into her life as a single, working mother of two. She’s just gotten out of a bad relationship with long time boyfriend Damien and is not really looking to start anything new with anyone but love seems to find her almost immediately after the breakup. Or does it? Eva’s two best friends Ciara and Ayanna are just as feisty as Eva and have stories of their own. Ciara, the wifey, has been dating Jay for years and even though things seem all peaches and cream on the outside, Ciara feels like she’s living life with rose colored shades on. Ayanna, the business woman, is sexy, single, and doesn’t take nonsense from anyone, man or woman. She will speak her mind at any given moment and her motto is, “You either love me, or leave me alone.” But when Ayanna meets a man much younger than she, will she just blow him off as a fling with a young buck or will she mess around and catch feelings for him? Will these ladies find the true love they are looking for or will they kicked down by love once again?