Secrets Of My Soul: A Memoir of Extraordinary True Stories, of a Spiritual Journey, which Made me Know the Truth About Life, Death and the Other Side.

This book is a Masterpiece" of spiritual reflection-and truth! A source of inspiration to all those who are seeking tranquility of the soul, taking them on a journey of inner knowledge, led by Olive, an 'Angel of Light'" -Lisa S. Marzi, Poet/Writer, Scotland, United Kingdom "Olive's story comes from her heart and true life experiences. For anyone desiring to learn more about guardian angels and the uplifting support they provide, this book is a must-read" -Cheryl A. Rainey, LMFT, PhD, Marriage and Family Therapist, Florida, USA "The spiritual stories shared in this book, give us inspiration to know that there is life after death and our loved ones are waiting for us. The stories will touch and inspire you" -Vanessa Talbot, Author, Extraordinary Beings, Success Creation and Life Optimize, New South Wales, Australia During a remarkable spiritual journey, Olive comes face-to-face with God as she experiences the most powerful and overwhelming sense of love. She can feel His hand on her head! Through her tears of joy, she repeats, "You are real! You are real! You are real" He does not speak. Even though there are no words spoken by Him, she is able to hear His thoughts. He says, "It is all okay, my child. You are wise and therefore chosen for a great mission. You are to teach teach many, for you have been prepared. The veil of secrecy must be lifted. Go, my child, in peace and love, and always remember your greatness" This figure is her Heavenly Father.


Olive Neil Noseworthy
I am a Registered Nurse by profession with a Diploma in Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing, a Bachelor Degree of Education, and a Master Degree of Education Administration, obta More...