His PhD is in Hypocrisy: and other poems about my crappy ex-boyfriend

Ok…So they say everything happens for a reason. But try telling that to a young woman with a newly broken heart. It doesn't help. What possible purpose could a jerk of an ex-boyfriend serve in the grand scheme of things? After writing a ton of poetry chronicling her entire relationship (including some poems riddled with humor, and others filled to the brim with the highest levels of pissivity), in light of a national tragedy (9/11), she was finally able to see that he served a purpose after all...He helped her not to hate. So it seems that even crappy ex-boyfriends are good for something after all


Tayo Oredein
I always loved to read…and write. While I've been reading (and writing) all my life, I just recently published my first book, His PhD is in Hypocrisy and Other Poems about My Cr More...