Don't Kill The Cow Too Quick: An Ex-Pat's Adventures Homesteading in Panama (Revised Edition)

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Retiring to live on a group of islands off the Caribbean coast of Panama, the author humorously describes how he learned through experience, from the first essential of handling a boat without danger to himself and others to his ultimate achievement of establishing an organic farm on the shore of a distant lagoon. Interspersed with vignettes of the local culture, the account gives an insight to the challenges facing 'Gringos' when persuing dreams of life on a tropical island.

Covering a span of six years from the beginning of the growth of a tourist industry to a time when the islands were clearly destined to become a major tourist destination, Don't Kill the Cow Too Quick records a passing era.


Malcolm Henderson
Born Lamnborn, England 1933. Graduate of the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst. Served in Hong Kong, Cyprus, Kenya and Germany. Graduate of the Defense Services Staff College, Indi More...