In Conversations With Strangers
Publisher : Birdcall Publishing Australia

Janine arrives home unexpectedly one day to find a scene so shocking that it causes her to lose all reason.

She embarks on a road trip across Australia from Brisbane to Broome, indulging in uncharacteristic behaviour that becomes more degrading and dangerous the further she travels.

As a strange contradiction, people she has never met before begin to tell her their stories and it is only these that keep her anchored in reality.

Broome is waiting, however, and with it the Staircase to the Moon.

'In Conversations with Strangers' is a deep and reflective story which takes the reader on Janine’s journey which is part adventure and part self-discovery.

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Brenda Cheers
Brenda Cheers is a novelist living in Brisbane Australia. Raised on a flat and windy farm in rural Victoria, where rain fell 24/7/365 (or so it seemed to her), and where there was More...
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