Stinger Maguire (Bruce DelReno Mysteries) (Volume 2)
Publisher : Mike Bove

A popular golf pro is murdered when he returns to his hometown for a charity event. When his secret is uncovered it becomes a bigger story than his death, and leads to several surprises. Bruce DelReno, retired postman and avid golfer, becomes obsessed with finding the killer. The story is packed with the humor, food, golf, characters, and dialogue that fans of "Willowtree" have enjoyed.


The Story Behind This Book
Second in the Bruce DelReno Mystery series. Bruce is a retired postman and avid golfer. Stories feature Bruce as a senior sleuth with his friends in the fictitious small Arizona town of Willowtree.

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About Mike Bove
Mike Bove
Book lover, retired teacher, coach, postman.  Writer. First novel published 2011.  Love to eat, i.e., cook.  Next book might be a cookbook.  When not eating or writing find me on the golf course.
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