Marie Cesette

Marie Cesette
Publisher : Rafin R. Mena


The Story Behind This Book
Story about the Haitian grandmother of Alexander Dumas author of well known novels like The Three Mosquetiers, The Count of Montecristo. Mother of General Alex Dumas subject of well read novel: The Black Count. Depicts the unbelievable love story of this mulatto beautiful woman with the french aristocrat: Tomas De la Pelleiterie during the period of the Haitian revolution and when this Caribbean colony was the most prosperous and rich in the entire region. It gets into the Voodoo ceremonies and tells a lot of the anecdotes and short stories of that period. Marie Cesette's developes during the Toussanit Overture's revolution of 1789.

Rafin R. Mena
Retired US Attorney who writes historical background novels and short stories. Well researched novels about caribbean history. Lived for 13 years in the USA New England Region and  More...
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