The Evil Incantation
Publisher : C&N Publications

Ex-Special Forces soldier Tim Galton and History Professor Alexander Hall are adventurers and paranormal investigators. But they don't just investigate haunted houses, they search out the darkest, most dangerous of creatures and do battle. Now they're in Romania, facing a deadly alliance between Satanists and Vampires and heading inexorably towards an encounter with the most evil creature they've ever faced, deep in Transylvania.

The Story Behind This Book
The Evil Incantation began life as a short story written many years ago (in the 1970s) by my brother Colin P Davies. It involved a very Hammer-style Dracula, satanists and martial arts. As a child I loved it. In 2014 I asked my brother if I could use his story as the inspiration for my own take on The Evil Incantation. It still has vampires and satanists and a couple of scenes borrowed from the original, but the rest is new.


Neil Davies
Horror and Science Fiction author, musician
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