Doing BIG Things (The Loi Cramer Journals)
Publisher : Gail McFarland / CreateSpace

Ever wonder if nonmedicated menopause was a justifiable defense for murder?

Loi Cramer has had an amazing life. She is a woman of a certain age, with an interesting past. She's gone from rags to riches and has the stories to prove it, but nobody is more surprised than she is when fate, a cheating husband, and a false friend conspire to take her back to rags.

And she's not happy about it!


The Story Behind This Book
I come from a long line of women with a lot to say. They have been beautiful, witty, insiteful, and daring... a lot like my heroine, Loi Cramer. She's not perfect, just perfectly human -- a woman after my own heart, with a life dented by living, and I have waited a long time to be able to tell her story. Now I just want to do her justice and hope that readers will love her as much as I do.

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