Blissfire: A Story Collection

Blissfire: A Story Collection by D.e.e.L is a collection of ten short stories all focusing on the journey to true bliss and happiness as reflected by the views of each story's fictional character. Written in a poetic tone, this collection offers a read from the heart. Find yourself being thrown into the lives of very different people, the circumstances that push them down in life and how they try to overcome them. Bliss is within grasp of us all, but sometimes you just have to tell yourself "Find your bliss, even if you have to pass through the fire". - D.e.e.L


Daniel Leicht
Dan writes under the penname D.e.e.L - D.e.e.L is the author of various Ebooks available on Smashwords as well as the story collection Blissfire that is available in both paperba More...
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