An Ungodly Child
Publisher : Discovered Authors
An Ungodly Child follows Harold Waterman, an unlikely hero, and his summoned demonic familiar Jasfoup. When Harold is infected by an incurable disease after meeting the Angel of Pestilence, otherwise known as Jedith, he turns to the black arts to find a cure. Jasfoup the demon is only too happy to help, as long as Harold can pay for his services. Meanwhile, the three angels of destruction are out to prove that there could be an antichrist, if only Harold would believe it. Gillian, Harold's vampire girlfriend, is not so sure.

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With some parallels to writers such as Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams able to be drawn, Green has created a book which would make a promising start to a series for a larger publisher to take up. This is a really good read and augers well for the future of this author who deserves a bigger career on the back of this.


Rachel Green
Rachel Green is a forty-something writer from Derbyshire, England. She lives with her two partners and three dogs. She was the regional winner of the Undiscovered Authors 2007 and  More...