Smoking Gun (The Bang Trilogy Book # 2)

ABOUT William Butler

William Butler
William is a low key writer who never stops writing. He was born in Morehead City, NC. He moved around a lot as a child living in various places such as NY, GA, FL, VA, until his family settled back in NC, where he lives now. He runs the blog Bang Noir and writes articles for examnier. More...



Lies, Sex, Deception and Murder all come into play in this twisted sequel to William Butler's Bang.
Claire Newman is at it again, as she manipulates Tim Jones and a few new faces into her web of deceit. As for Tim, he has his own problems. With a fragmented memory, he sets out to forget the past and work on his future with a new relationship.
But Claire will not let Tim forget that faithful night he was shot. With twisted lies and truths twisted, Claire won't rest until she has what she's set out to do...
And the results could spell out death for a lot of people.