It's O.K. It's Not O.K. is a fun, colorful and simple picture book which gives a child a clear example of doing what is right. Each page presents a fun character either doing what is O.K. or doing what is not O.K. Children need guidance. Perhaps it’s their innocence and honesty that sometimes leads them down the wrong path, so once in a while they need a slight nudge to set them back on the right track.

It’s O.K. It’s not O.K. is just that, a slight nudge, demonstrated with fun and quirky pictures to help your child understand good behavior and manners. It’s simple but gets the point across, with easy to read words and likable characters.


Francee Greer Williams
I am an award winning writer living in Los Angeles, California with my husband and two children.  My published works are: The Abyssinian Prince (2000)  Historical Novel It's Ok More...