Enjoy this incredibly entertaining collection of fiction brought to you by the incredible H. C. Heartland. This new anthology features tales of science fiction, comedic drama, dramatic thrillers, and Mid-west American romance. It’s an amazing variety and depth in a collection of short stories from a new fiction sensation!

H. C. Heartland is a rare find in the world of literary fiction. A talented creator of short stories that touch and move the reader in a real and emotional way, Heartland brings her talented imagination to bear in this newest collection of modern fiction.

Heartland treats the reader to a touching telling of American Mid-western romance of the sweetest kind in Courage in a Coffee Cup, Falling Asleep at Midnight, and A Morning to Meander. Then, Heartland offers comedic drama in the island tales Lanto and Ferdinand’s Missing Red Hat. No, it doesn't stop there! Get ready for a suspense thriller in the roller-coaster short story, In the Light of Day and a Sci-Fi thriller in the amazing tale of Harold’s Helmet. Finally, Heartland gives the reader a light-hearted, rib-tickling, cherry-on-top with Chicken Pox Revenge.

With a depth and variety seldom seen in new authors these days, Short Stories from the Heart will no doubt be a favorite for lovers of new American fiction.



H.C. Heartland
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