How to be a Writer : The Definitive Guide to Making a Living From Writing

Here are some of the advantages of being an eBook writer:
You have total control over your work. You are your own boss,you are an eBook author promotion, you are an eBook best sellers,you will learn how to make money writing eBooks, you decide what, when and where you will write, and no publishing company or editor can put you on a deadline you who will publishing your eBook.
You make 100% of every eBook sale and your eBook will sell 24/7. Even when you're sleeping, people will be able to buy and download your book from your website. You decide where to promote, and how much you spend on advertising costs. You can create as many eBooks as you like, and start selling them the next day once you know how to do it.

If you can accept credit card payments on your site, you can start making money. You can also let other people promote and sell your eBook, by setting up an affiliate or reseller program.
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